#1 Rated Messaging Solution in Healthcare

Empowering Home Healthcare Providers 

Home healthcare and hospice professionals are constantly on the move throughout their day. While rarely in front of a computer, many have turned to texting as fast and convenient way to share urgent information with colleagues, providers, and specialists.

Providers are now using Lua secure mobile messaging and video calling to manage their HIPAA compliant communications for improved collaboration between professionals, patients, and their families.


Best-in-class features

› Secure Messaging

Safely text caregivers and groups in real-time from the desktop or mobile device., even colleagues and patients outside of your network.

› Video Calling

Seamlessly move between messaging and face-to-face live individual or group video  conversations.

› Group VOIP Calls

Quickly jump on an individual or group call without dial-ins and passcodes, on VOIP or cellular.

› Admin Console

Easily manage your deployment, policies and users from a dedicated admin panel - remote wipe devices, set expiring messages, and more.

› File Sharing

Share photos and files instantly. Also connect with your favorite cloud services: Box, DropBox and more.

› Accountability

See exactly who has seen a message or file and when it was read. Even add a confirmation button.

Top Organizations Powered by Lua

"Our staff saved significant time in care coordination. They no longer have to play phone tag to relay PHI information, which means we can deliver faster and better care to our patients."

Francesca Encarnacion
Director of Marketing,
Parentis Health


"Lua has helped our providers be more informed in regards to patient data. It is an open line of communication at our field staff’s finger tips. Any and all questions are answered within minutes."

Steve Speranza
IT Manager
FirstLantic Healthcare