#1 Rated Post-Acute Messaging Solution

Empowering Mobile Healthcare Providers 

Lua's mobile solution helps top healthcare organizations overcome communication inefficiencies and compliance barriers for improved operations, accountability and retention. Features like secure mobile messaging, calling and video calling simplify workflows to strengthen collaboration between professionals, patients, and their families. 

See how Lua can work with your team to enhance communications for improved patient and staff experiences. Submit the form to request a free Lua demo and trial for your team. 


Best In KLAS 

› Leading post-acute secure messaging solution with above average market consideration, customer retention, and high customer satisfaction.

› 100% of interviewed clients report that Lua keeps all of their promises, and the majority say that Lua is part of their long-term plans.  

› Lua retains 95% of its clients and received the highest overall satisfaction score of any vendor in this study. 


Request the full “Secure Communication 2018, Decision Insights Report” or read more about Lua's performance at getlua.com.  

Top Organizations Powered by Lua

"Our staff saved significant time in care coordination. They no longer have to play phone tag to relay PHI information, which means we can deliver faster and better care to our patients."

Francesca Encarnacion
Director of Marketing,
Parentis Health


"Lua has helped our providers be more informed in regards to patient data. It is an open line of communication at our field staff’s finger tips. Any and all questions are answered within minutes."

Steve Speranza
IT Manager
FirstLantic Healthcare